NewsEngin Inc.

Smart tools for news people

NewsEngin EventTracker™ is a browser-based application that will coordinate and organize all event listings for your newspaper and Web site.

EventTracker will serve as a central location for all "calendar" items, such as nightclub events, plays, gallery shows and community activities. Once an event is entered into the system, EventTracker automatically can reverse-publish it to print, to your Web site or to specialized targets, such as a music guide or a youth-oriented Web site.EventTracker

EventTracker automatically can export "clean" content to a variety of external targets, including any modern editorial system, Web sites, PDAs and a master newsroom planning calendar, which means no more wasted time cleaning up and reformatting text. Items can be filed to the database by newsroom staff members, by employees of the newspaper’s Web site or by outside organizations.

EventTracker features a natural-language method for entering dates, which dramatically reduces the amount of time your staff has to spend entering lists of dates and times into the computer. NewsEngin's "n.e.Thing Natural Language Processor” (patent pending) allows EventTracker to provide a far more efficient user interface for data entry compared to systems that require a slow, RSI-inducing combination of picks, clicks and typing.

We let people enter all of an event's date and time information in plain English, and we're very forgiving about formatting.