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Smart tools for news people

NewsEngin TeamPlayer is a browser-based application that couples the passion of high-school sports with intuitive technology to give news organizations a powerful backbone for their community Web sites and print publications. TeamPlayer can collect, organize and automatically reverse-publish all of a region’s high school sports scores and statistics.


TeamPlayer can extend the range of a Web site -- from dynamic team rankings and individual player totals, to searches for individual player bios and rosters, to lively discussion forums. TeamPlayer creates additional advertising opportunities because of the increased readership it draws and because it respects the branding and design of an organization's Web site.

While news organizations retain full control over access to the system, TeamPlayer contains a sophisticated user-management toolkit that allows schools to manage the scores and statistics for their teams as well as information about players and rosters. This allows organizations to dramatically enhance their online and print presentation of prep sports without having to add additional staff.

TeamPlayer is easy to administer and easy to modify. TeamPlayer also does something that is rare if not unique among such applications: It allows administrators to add sports and statistics without additional coding or tables.

TeamPlayer also features an easy-to-use browser interface that behaves with the stability and efficiency of a workstation client. A self-guiding interface helps users quickly begin using the software without expensive and time-consuming training. TeamPlayer’s browser interface means that it can be centrally hosted (even if an organization's Web sites and properties serve different markets) and that system administrators won't have to provide desktop application support. For organizations that don’t want to host TeamPlayer themselves, NewsEngin offers affordable managed hosting that includes guaranteed uptime and unlimited usage. 

  • TeamPlayer maintains a dynamic schedule of all prep sports games in a region. Once a game is scheduled, TeamPlayer automatically creates the input form for that game's stats.
  • Coaches or news staffers can input stats from a game. TeamPlayer's input forms are designed to reduce keystrokes while also limiting mistakes.
  • Once a game's stats are approved, they automatically are transferred to the editorial system and online.
  • TeamPlayer builds dynamic views for the Web of individual and team leaders, such as the football rushing leaders or ranking of girls' soccer teams. TeamPlayer automatically recalculates standings as new stats are entered into the system.
  • TeamPlayer uses NewsEngin's industry-leading technology to reverse-publish for the Web and print. TeamPlayer can export formatted text to print and the Web, even if the two platforms use different formats and have different presentation requirements.
  • Schools can upload player and roster information to TeamPlayer. In addition to viewing information on individual state leaders and school rankings, the public also can review detail on individual players and teams.

TeamPlayer runs on a mature, open-source software platform consisting of the Linux operating system, the Apache Web server, the MySQL database and the PHP coding engine. While TeamPlayer itself is not distributed as open-source software in the broadest sense of that term, TeamPlayer customers are provided with full access to the source code and with the right to modify that code for their own use. TeamPlayer is designed to offer the same functionality for Windows and Macintosh computers and to also support any modern operating system.