NewsEngin Inc.

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NewsEngin WireTracker is a browser-based wire-capture and distribution system. WireTracker has become the industry standard for wire software, and no other wire software comes close in terms of enterprise features, flexibility and price. WireTracker provides full support to tablet devices -- iPads, Android tablets and the Kindle Fire.

WireTrackerWireTracker includes built-in support for any wire feed on the planet. This includes all flavors of ANPA, IPTC and XML/NITF. Using the NITF feed with WireTracker will offer you easier, more standardized searching; the ability to view highlights (such as a company logo) or hyperlinks on items like people, places and companies; and more automated handling of stories, which will allow a newsroom to easily distribute content to print, the Web and wireless devices. WireTracker also integrates with any modern editorial system.

Users can build and save any number of searches that can scan the full text of a week's worth of wire stories in milliseconds. The searches allow users to construct their own private wires to track any topic, person, region or organization. Users can even set a preference to display a particular set of search results as their personal home page when they open the wires. WireTracker also includes the ability to enable any saved search as a WireWatch to notify a user by e-mail, pager or mobile phone as soon as a matching story arrives (or less often, if the user prefers). Administrators can give users the option to specify whether a WireWatch should send web links or the entire text of matching stories.