NewsEngin Inc.

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apohl | 05/01/14

Development Model

NewsEngin uses an “agile development” model to quickly benefit our customers. Our practice is to work with customers to prioritize requests for enhancements and features to best meet an organization’s needs. We further provide enhancements and updates very quickly. Our software is designed to allow us to pass on updates and new features as soon as they have been built and tested.

We have extensive experience in providing new features and updates (i.e., short, iterative feature-set launches) under deadline and under a tight timeframe.

We work alongside our customers to make sure that our development path and priorities reflect not only their needs, but also honor their organization’s goals and culture. We have a proven and extensive track record of working shoulder-to-shoulder with news organizations to enhance our production-ready software tools to provide the features and functionality that are needed. We do not accept any project that will not allow a customer to be heavily involved with all phases of the development cycle.