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apohl | 05/01/14

Our Support Record

"We don't mean to insult any of you," is how the question often starts. "You've clearly built some great software."

Then comes the awkward pause.

"NewsEngin is such a small company. If we use your systems at a big property like [insert name of  media outlet], how will you support it?"

It's a question we get a lot, and we'd ask it too if the roles were reversed. Sometimes it's phrased less gently, as in "Why should our enterprise stake its future on a company your size?"

Here's why:

  • NewsEngin software performs mission-critical roles in more than 100 large and small news organizations around the world. We've been in business since 1996, and during that time we have never failed one of our customers -- not one has ever called us with a critical problem that didn't get an immediate fix.
  • We maintain a toll-free support line that always connects our customer with someone at NewsEngin who is fully knowledgeable about the application in question. No support queue, no clueless intermediaries, no third-party support firms. At the start of any deployment and whenever necessary after that, we provide training for on-site system managers who in turn oversee the support and ongoing training of end users.
  • All of our applications monitor themselves and send e-mail alerts when appropriate, often allowing us to avert problems before a single user might notice that something's wrong. That's the case whether the customer is a small-town weekly or a leading national and international daily. (Reference contacts at these and any other NewsEngin sites are always available.)
  • Our software just runs. We build our applications on the rock-solid foundation of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (collectively known as LAMP), an environment in which any problems that might arise can be rapidly remedied with minimal downtime and no data loss. NewsEngin's own code -- a combination of server-side PHP and browser-based JavaScript -- is engineered for maximum stability, performance and safe extensibility.
  • We're extremely healthy. NewsEngin is privately held, which always has allowed us to control our direction and execute our vision. In recent years our diverse range of highly successful, open-source products has led to tremendous revenue growth. Even when our industry has faced lean times, we remained fully staffed and profitable.
  • Because our software is sold as open source within the customer's organization, our customers aren't dependent on NewsEngin to adapt their systems over time. While we believe that NewsEngin's nimbleness and broad product base make us a safer long-term bet than any other vendor, our open-source software licensing will always protect the value of our customers' investments.
  • We believe that the rules of the publishing game have changed to favor companies like NewsEngin. Many of our  customers have come to us after explicitly deciding to turn away from the traditional vendors of monolithic editorial systems -- those systems with hefty price tags and upgrade cycles that are measured in years. In NewsEngin, our customers find not just a provider of software that plays well with others, but also a nimble development partner that will be able to help solve problems that none of us can foresee. It's not just the broad publishing landscape that's changing fast: The priorities, pressures and opportunities within any news organization shift constantly as well. Our customers have recognized that to tackle those priorities and seize those opportunities, they need a technology platform that can evolve rapidly at a sustainable cost.

That's NewsEngin.