NewsEngin Inc.

Smart tools for news people
apohl | 05/01/14

Technology Platform

We build our tools on the LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). This open-standards platform offers the best combination of stability, cost and flexibility. Our content-management software now provides full support to the iPad, Android tablets and the Kindle Fire.

Because our software is built on open standards, it is supported worldwide. We always have exposed our source code to allow news organizations to invest in technology – not forcing an unbending commitment to a vendor.

Because NewsEngin's editorial tools are browser based, organizations don't have to support workstation software. This makes deployments, upgrades and support fast and cost efficient. NewsEngin software works equally well on Windows and Macintosh computers.

We have incorporated AJAX technology into our browser-based tools to give them the stability, responsiveness and security of workstation clients, without the corresponding software footprint or administrative overhead.

Our software features a configurable interface that allows an organization to mold the software to its local needs, normally without any scripting or coding. This means that local sites can have control over interface design, workflow standards and export rules. But core corporate standards could be honored, allowing seamless sharing of content. Our interface can be customized to fit corporate or local strategy goals of an organization.