NewsEngin Inc.

Smart tools for news people
apohl | 05/01/14

Why NewsEngin?

We provide news organizations with the most functional, flexible, affordable and extensible systems to manage and deliver information.

Changes in technology and in how readers see news have continued to push our development direction in these areas:

Return on investment. Most editorial software costs too much and does too little. We always have offered the most functionality at the best price.

Content neutrality. Our software is designed to plan, organize and distribute any type of content -- including stories, photo assignments, calendar events, high-school sports statistics and multimedia files.

Platform independence. News organizations need the ability to distribute content in real time across the office or across the world. Content has to serve a variety of masters, from Web publications to mobile devices to print products.

Agility. The speed of industry change requires software to be flexible to accommodate changes in the technology landscape. Our software is built on open standards that are supported worldwide. We have built our software to integrate with other vendors’ tools to complement and extend the life of legacy systems and to diminish switching costs.

Planning. The demands of a news organization combined with a squeeze on resources put a high premium on smart planning. Dynamic tracking and planning of content is critical.

Sharing. Once a piece of content is created, it automatically should be available for use in multiple media and in multiple sites. News organizations can't afford to re-key or re-create content separately for the Web and print. A key area of our emphasis is creating and enhancing the ability to repurpose content efficiently in real time.