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NewsEngin Ampere
Just plug us in.
A true cloud service, Ampere provides a complete set of battle-tested tools for producing and publishing authoritative content, from conception to syndication.
All for an affordable monthly fee without capital expense.
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Here’s what your newsroom gets when it plugs in Ampere:
  • The industry’s smartest CMS for digital and print publishing, with a full-featured plugin for Adobe InDesign providing centralized page storage and template management.
  • Full functionality for iPads, Android tablets and the Kindle Fire.
  • A secure, dedicated server accessible from any Internet connection, with real-time backup of all your data to hot spares on both coasts of North America.
  • Monthly licensing with no termination penalties.
  • 24/7 technical support with guaranteed response times, and automatic software upgrades that provide state-of-the-art tools.
  • Freedom from the capital and personnel expenses of on-site editorial systems.

NewsEngin Ampere provides cloud-based hosting and same-day deployment of dedicated, high-performance systems for complete newsroom content-management. Ampere is a Software as a Service model designed to pass on significant savings to customers in terms of license fees, back-end costs and staff expenses.

Ampere eliminates the need for massive capital expenditures. Organizations are not required to sign long-term agreements and instead are on a month-to-month license. Organizations that license NewsEngin's GPS content-management system quickly and affordably can add additional modules. Sites that want to deploy NewsEngin GPS, TeamPlayer (for prep sports) and EventTracker (for calendar-events) can license a "utility-computing bundle."

Newsrooms quickly can launch Ampere without expensive and time-consuming training and deployment. NewsEngin can deploy a server and database for an organization in one (1) day.

Users can be trained on the system in less than four hours total. In other words, users can be trained in the morning and working live that afternoon.

Ampere builds on NewsEngin’s deep experience in platform-neutral content-management systems; advances in available bandwidth and corresponding technology; and NewsEngin’s experience in remotely managing applications.

Sites licensing NewsEngin's GPS content-management system also get NewsEngin's content-routing engine,  wire-capture software and a newsroom instant-messaging tool. These applications are browser-based and require no workstation client software. The NewsEngin system automatically can export content to any Web site and in formats that can be used by the Amazon Kindle and smart phones.

The license fee for GPS also includes a plugin for Adobe InDesign (latest CC to CS4, on OS X or Windows). This plugin provides drag-and-drop placement of entire story packages using centrally managed templates, automatic notification of changed content, seamless writeback from InDesign, and an HTTP-based system for centralized page storage, versioning and tracking. In addition, page designers can work in different offices from other colleagues, allowing centralized allocation of design resources. (End-users are responsible for paying a one-time, third-party license fee of $25 for each InDesign workstation using the NewsEngin plugin.)

NewsEngin EventTracker and TeamPlayer also can be licensed under the Ampere model. EventTracker organizes and publishes calendar events to Web sites and print. TeamPlayer collects, organizes and automatically reverse-publishes all of a region’s high school sports scores and statistics.

Because NewsEngin software is fully built on open standards, the software always is current and supported worldwide. Sites are not tied to older versions of software or ongoing third-party licensing fees

The monthly license fee provides for three secure, dedicated virtual servers for each organization -- one primary server and two hot spares in other locations. NewsEngin provides all administration and maintenance of these servers and their underlying database. Real-time replication ensures speedy transfer of all data from the primary server to its spares on both coasts of North America. Either spare can assume production duty in the event of a major outage affecting the primary server, with no loss of data.

The monthly fee also includes all upgrades and ongoing support. NewsEngin can pass along updates to the software without any downtime and without requiring any staff resources. For sites that want to buy a dedicated modest server for on-site use to protect against failed Internet connectivity, NewsEngin can remotely manage and administer that server for a slight additional monthly cost.